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07 May 2009 @ 11:40 pm
[ TWO ] ☂ Resource list.  
This post is a work in progress, so if you see your textures or whatever being used in one of my graphics posts but you're not listed here yet, please just leave a comment and I'll add you to the resources list ASAP.

Note: If I haven't specified where I got some screencaps or textures from, it's likely that I did them myself. Just ask if you wanna use.

So here it is; the resource post.

This post is sorted alphabetically by maker/artist as follows.

anithene @ unwritten_icons // anithene

25 Vintage Icon Textures (icon textures)
Deep Space Texture Set (icon textures)
Nebula Textures (icon textures)

banquier // banquier

Lambent Lights (icon textures)
Unexpected (icon textures)


Ride On By (large textures)

endou @ omochaya

Illiterate (icon textures)


50 Textures (Mixed) (icon textures)
28 Scrapbook Textures (icon textures)

enchantedteacup @ iconictea

5 Large Stationery Textures (large textures)

erase_away @ flashland

5 Large Textures (large textures)

houseforlife @ eveningwalk

50 100x100 Misc Textures (icon textures)


20 Old Handwriting Textures (icon textures)

illeatchu @ withlace

25 Text Textures (icon textures)

innocent_lexys @ infinite_muse // innocentLexys

12 Soft Moon Textures (icon textures)
Misty Textures (icon textures)
Carte Postale (icon textures)
Enhancing (icon textures)
Alternate (icon textures)


Mish Mash (large textures)
A Flower In The Wind (large textures)
12 Large Frame Textures (large textures)


Handwritten (large textures)
Tiny Text (icon textures)

*PearlEden @ deviantArt

Seven Wonders - The Holy Tree (artwork, used with permission)

phaantasia @ dustypaper

It's No Sacrifice (icon textures)

rhcp_csi @ peak77

Textures #15: B/W Grunge Textures (large textures)
Textures #15: Scratch Textures (icon textures)

white_lilie // generosa

Texture Set 9A (icon textures)
Texture Set 10 (icon textures)
Texture Set 13: Tiny Flowers (icon textures)
Texture Set A21 (large textures)

winterlillies @ crimson_iink

Athlin (large textures)

affliction @ thrillicons

8 Cloud Textures (larger textures)

yunhe // yunyunsarang

[Set 27] Obsession (large textures)

As yet unknown:


If you saved your textures under these file names, please tell me so I can credit you and put a link to the work. I've no idea how I managed to lose your names but somehow, I did. Sorry~
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