[ TWELVE ] ☂ Gunslinger: A HC-IIIX Fanmix

So it seems I'm more obsessed with Trinity Blood than I thought.

This fanmix is, obviously enough, inspired by AX Agent Gunslinger, HC-IIIX Tres Iqus.

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FANMIX. Make sure you download the READ ME file as well as any tracks or album art. Enjoy!

[ TEN ] ☂ Indulgence: The Mirror

And FINALLY we're at the last fanwork of mine which has been posted elsewhere. Any works posted here in this comm after this date are all new stuff.

Title: Indulgence: The Mirror
Warnings: Masturbation, crude language
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: ShirosakiXIchigo
Length: 995 words. 
Summary: King’s always denying himself the finer pleasures in life. Silly King, he’ll regret that when he no longer has the body. (Written as a companion piece to Indulgence by Nakimochiku at FF.net.)
Link/s: You can also find this story here at FF.net.

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[ NINE ] ☂ Saddle Banket, pt. 2

Title: Saddle Blanket, Part Two
Warnings: Yaoi. Lemon. Coarse language.
Rating: This part is M, or R, depending on your rating system. Those things really irritate me sometimes.
Characters/Pairings: HichiXIchi, ShiroXIchi
Length: ~2,430 words.
Summary: Shirosaki has stopped invading Ichigo’s dreams. What’s wrong? Could he be losing his motivation to take the crown for himself?

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[ EIGHT ] ☂ Utilizing Both Sides

More Mayuri, I know...leave me alone...

Title: Utilising Both Sides
Warnings: Masturbation
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Mayuri
Length: 772 words
Summary: They were always mentioned together – pleasure and pain. Sometimes during pleasure, a little pain made things better. So, where was the pleasure in battle? Pleasure was rarely used as a debilitating weapon, which struck Mayuri as odd, considering that it could drive a person just as insane as pain could. Perhaps he should experiment a little.
Link: This story can also be found here at FF.net.

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[ SEVEN ] ☂ Saddle Blanket, pt. 1

Whee, fic...

This fic is going to be in two parts - this first part is PG/T-rated, but the second part will be adult-rated, with a lemon.

Title: Saddle Blanket, Part One
Warnings: Mild coarse language, nothing you wouldn’t get on prime time television. Sigh.
Rating: This part is PG-13/T-ish.
Characters/Pairings: HichiXIchi, ShiroXIchi
Length: ~2,190 words.
Summary: Shirosaki has been invading Ichigo’s dreams lately, making his life a living hell. “I refuse to be th’ Horse forever, King. I’m gonna buck ya off, and when yeh fall, know that it’s gonna hurt.”
Link: This story can also be found here at FF.net.

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[ SIX ] ☂ Bloody Rubies

This is the first Bleach fic to make it onto my LJ, being the first to survive the gauntlet of my self-criticism. Even though I have other fics going on right now, this one attacked my brain and refused to let me continue the others until I had finished it (which surprisingly only took an hour).

Title: Bloody Rubies
Warnings: Mayuri. :)
Rating: G/K
Characters/Pairings: MayuriXNemu if you tilt your head sideways, squint closely and use an electron microscope. By that I mean, if you ship it, you’ll see it.
Length: 768 words
Summary: What on earth is Nemu doing? What are those bloody rubies in her bowl? Mayuri didn’t allow this!
Link: This story can also be found here at FF.net, if you'd rather review it there or whatever.

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[ FIVE ] ☂ Music drabble meme thingy I did a while back.

Meme explanation: Put your music player on shuffle and write a drabble for the first ten songs that pop up. You cannot write the fic once the song is over, you only have that much time.

I took the liberty of editing these for spelling and punctuation afterwards - the meme doesn't say anything about that.

Warnings: Wow, sexual themes, language, violence, the works.
Fandoms: Death Note, Jaz Parks, Bleach, Hannibal Rising, The Obernewtyn Chronicles, The Host, Kingdom Hearts.

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Figures that my longest drabble would be almost-porn. *sighs*

[ FOUR ] ☂ Shoot The Runner special!

Since I've been so obsessed with that song "Shoot The Runner" by Kasabian lately, I decided to make a bunch of icons and banners from the music video. I've also put the screencaps I took (.zip file) under the cut if anyone is interested in those as well.

I made all of these in an effort to get the song out of my head - I had it playing on repeat the whole time I was making these, and actually I think it worked. I'm over this song now. :)

[+] 30 ICONS
[+] 30 1366x768 SCREENCAPS


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[ TWO ] ☂ Resource list.

This post is a work in progress, so if you see your textures or whatever being used in one of my graphics posts but you're not listed here yet, please just leave a comment and I'll add you to the resources list ASAP.

Note: If I haven't specified where I got some screencaps or textures from, it's likely that I did them myself. Just ask if you wanna use.

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