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A fanworks community - fanfiction, icons, headers, wallpapers, screencaps, profile codes and more.
Note: macropterous is dead. This community is quite old now, so if you subscribe expecting to see new material regularly added, I'm sorry to say that the likelihood of that is very low. macropterous's reincarnations, dratcat and lacefall, do manage this community but are not as active.

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Hi, and welcome to undersigh. This is a fanworks community that macropterous made in order to make stuff easier to sort and find.

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Sister community: lickadaisy, a poetry comm.

Fanfiction, icons, headers, wallpapers, manga colours, screencaps, profile codes and fanmixes may be found posted at this community. For other links, see the community journal.

☂ credits
Journal layout: here at refuted.

Profile layout: here at refuted.

Resources list: here.